October Updates

  • Updates October 2015
  • Updates October 2015
  • Updates October 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope this year is going well as we have now well and truly entered into Spring for this year. This is our second newsletter update for Vision Acupuncture.

As always the Vision Acupuncture team has been working away to refine and expand our services and I wanted to share with you some exciting developments.

Naomi and Moira recently presented at the Endeavour Grand Rounds on Integrative approaches to Degenerative Eye Disease to current and post graduate students of Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine. The lecture was warmly received and inspired those who attended about what can be possible when practitioners broaden their scope of practice and knowledge and work collaboratively to facilitate the best possible outcomes for patients.

We have recently been introduced to a local Optometrist who is enthusiastic about helping us monitor patients eye health and response to treatment. Shonit practices locally and has an appreciation for systemic and holistic approaches to eye health and eye care.

Naomi recently attended two training days with Shonit at his Optometry practice to better understand Western Medical diagnosis, assessment and treatment.


Introducing Shonit:

Shonit graduated from the University of Auckland in 2008, excelling with honours and received a scholarship to work at a renowned contact lens practice in Wellington.

Since moving to Australia in 2011, Shonit furthered his experience not only in contact lenses, but also in dry eye and ocular disease management. For 2 years, he was the primary health consultant for managing eye related disease in rural areas throughout the country. Shonit is practicing at Envision Optical mainly based at Tweed Heads – south end of the Gold Coast.

So why am I enthusiastic about our patients seeing Shonit?


  1. He’s a really nice person
  2. Shonit is supportive and interested in holistic approaches to eye health
  3. Extended scope of clinical experience including dry eye and degenerative eye diseases
  4. Has access to advanced testing and monitoring equipment
  5. Skilled at maximising patients visual function and prescription to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vision and correction (glasses/contact etc)


There are many benefits to working collaboratively with Shonit and we have already been able to help some of our patients manage their eye health more effectively. If you want to discuss this option with me please give the clinic a call or email us at visionacupuncture@gmail.com and we can ensure that we optimise your next visit.

For patients wishing to book follow-up treatment in October 2015- February 2016 our regular clinic times apply except for the restrictions listed below:


  • I will be in Japan learning from Master Practitioner Ikeda Masakazu from November 16th until 27th. During this time Vision Acupuncture services will not be available.


  • Over the Xmas times the clinic will break from 25th of December until the 4th of January.


Wishing you all the best in life and health,

Naomi & the Vision Acupuncture Team