Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine

Why Naturopathic Assessment?

Naturopathic principles like those in Oriental paradigms are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person, not just the affected area.

A naturopathic consultation focuses on identifying the underlying causes of disease. It might be hard to understand that an issue with your eyes can be a reflection of an issue somewhere else in your body however a disturbance in function in one part will always influence the whole.

A naturopathic consultation requires a comprehensive assessment of all systems of your body. Small presentations and symptoms that do not seem related to your eyes can illustrate to your practitioner how individual organs or body systems are coping, if they are overburdened and how they might be malfunctioning. All of these imbalances can put strain on the visual system and contribute to the loss of cells, repair processes and ability to adapt to oxidative stress. Identifying areas of imbalance will enable strategies to be put in place that will support the repair and overall health of your body.

Naturopathy considers all aspects of your health: your diet, lifestyle, current supplementation and pharmaceutical interventions, stress and nervous system function, daily bodily functions and review of every major body system.

Your Naturopathic assessment will result in a nutrition/herbal supplemental, dietary and lifestyle prescription. Some of these supplements you may be familiar with as they are used in visual disorders and have extensive research to support their use in your condition. Other suggestions will be implemented for their proven success in supporting key system imbalances and issues of oxidation, inflammation and immune system imbalance which are all implicated in disorders of vision.