Frequently Asked Questions:

How can Vision Acupuncture services help with my eye disease and vision problems?

Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic principles use a comprehensive and individualised system of diagnosis and treatment to promote the body’s natural healing capabilities and enhance its function. By combining these systems of diagnosis with local treatment your practitioners select the most effective strategy to enhance your eye health and maximise outcomes. Acupuncture and Naturopathy have been shown to help improve blood flow, release neurotransmitters and balance hormones. These body systems, when improved, can result in better health and function of the body and the eye.


What is the benefit of seeing practitioners at Vision Acupuncture compared to my local practitioner?

Practitioners at Vision Acupuncture have spent years completing additional training and study, drawing from various health systems; the latest research, cutting-edge technology and clinical experience related to vision and eye disease. Our practitioners have undergone additional training to interpret your ophthalmological reports and testing to assess your condition and response to treatment. More specifically Naomi Jansson is the only practitioner in Australia who has receive one-on-one training with Andy Rosenfarb, a world leader in the field of Integrative Eye Care and Chinese Medical Ophthalmology with over 15 years clinical experience in this field.

Vision Acupuncture practitioners combine your clinical information from many resources including current Western Medicine/Ophthalmic diagnosis and Management, Chinese Medicine, Japanese and Micro system Acupuncture, Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine into one cohesive approach to maximise outcomes.


Do needles get inserted into the eyes?

No.   We only use points around the eyes and on the body. The system of acupuncture allows us to influence the eye both directly and indirectly by utilising the acupuncture points associated with the eye. By addressing underlying imbalances in the body it is not necessary to use invasive techniques to influence eye health. Therefore you may also experience improvements to overall health and wellbeing.


Can Vision Acupuncture cure blindness?

No. Vision Acupuncture services are aimed at maximising the bodies own ability and resources to regenerate and regulate itself. Treatment is aimed at promoting blood flow to the eye and providing maximum nutritional support of the eye. Therefore response to treatment is individual and influenced by each persons own eye condition and health factors. Our services can support the health and function of the eye, however individual response is limited by the level of pre existing damage to the cells of the eye.


Do I need ongoing treatment?

It depends on your condition. Some eye conditions and vision problems may respond to a short course of treatment. However most degenerative eye disease cannot be resolved permanently due to the nature of the disease, unfortunately the factors contributing to your eye condition are not reversible. As we are working with the bodies physiology and an ongoing treatment approach is required to maximise and maintain outcomes. We assess and discuss your specific condition and prognosis during our initial consultation.


Can you guarantee that Vision Acupuncture will work for me?

Unfortunately no. However at Vision Acupuncture we assess your response to treatment by monitoring objective eye test results such as visual acuity, visual field, retinal photography, OCT (Ultrasound of the retina) etc. at regular intervals.


Does acupuncture have any negative side effects?

No, acupuncture has a regulatory effect of the body. As acupuncture does not introduce anything foreign and is minimally invasive, any noticeable effects are transitory in nature and usually pass quickly.


So can I stop seeing my Optometrist/Ophthalmologist/GP?

We always aim to maximise your outcomes and this is usually achieved by working collaboratively with your current medical professionals. Although it is not essential that you are under the care of an Optometrist, Ophthalmologist or GP to receive our service we advise that you continue with any treatment and care you are receiving. We do not replace the care of your current eye health professional.