Vision Acupuncture has been providing services in Integrative Eye Care from Australian Centre for Natural Medicine since 2011. Australian Centre for Natural Medicine located in Miami on the Gold Coast has been operating for 20 years and offers a variety of Natural Medicine health services.

Practitioners at Vision Acupuncture have spent years completing additional training and study, drawing from various health systems, the latest research, technology and clinical experience related to vision and eye disease.

Naomi Jansson, Director of Australian Centre for Natural Medicine, was introduced to Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology through Andy Rosenfarb in 2010. Mr Rosenfarb is a leading practitioner in the field of Integrative Eye Care based in New Jersey USA, with over 15 years clinical experience in this field. After seeing the capacity for clinical outcomes for patients, Naomi decided to focus her practice and knowledge on Integrative Eye Care for eye health. Naomi has since attended Andy Rosenfarb’s clinic AcuVison in New Jersey in 2013 and 2015 to receive one-on-one training. Naomi Jansson is the only practitioner in Australia practicing Chinese Medical Ophthalmology based on direct training from Andy Rosenfarb.

Knowing that achieving the best clinical outcomes require optimum cellular nutrition and systemic health, Naomi approached Moira Bradfield in 2011 to lend her expert opinion to Vision Acupuncture cases through clinical application of Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine. Moira has 14 years experience working as a Naturopath both in Australia and overseas. In the pursuit of blending naturopathic medicine with Oriental modalities in 2010 Moira completed her Masters Degree in Acupuncture and now incorporates effective Oriental protocols into her Naturopathic practice. Since joining the Vision Acupuncture team Moira has developed her specialised interest in Holistic Medical Ophthalmology and has completed training with Andy Rosenfarb when he visited Australia in 2014. She continues to add to her clinical expertise through constant research and a passion for the role of diet and nutrition in eye health.

Our services, technology and practitioners are always expanding, we regularly inform clients of our progress through our Updates to Services.